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The Pause of Massage

My focus is on creating more relaxation, more peace and more body awareness.  We live in a world of constant activity and constant demands on our time, our focus and our energy.  Your time getting a massage is a time for relaxation and renewal and healing.  The rest of your world is on Pause while you take time to nurture yourself and become more aware of what you and your body are feeling and need.  Let go of everything else, just for a bit, and relax into your own skin.  Sometimes, just taking that Pause renews your body and spirit and gives new energy and insight.  This is time just for you.  Seize it and feel the benefits!  I am here to be of service in your well-being!


What They Say

Samantha S.

“Heavenly! Deeply feeding! Relaxing! Restorative! Stress just melts away. My body and mind feel renewed, reenergized. I feel like I have more stamina in the days following a massage.”

Craig E.

“Friendly, enjoyable, soothing, mind-numbing, theraputic, both mentally and physically.”

Give yourself the gift of the

Pause of Massage