Policies and


Cancelling an Appointment

Please cancel your appointment by calling or texting, (937) 409-6279, at least 24 hours before your appointment time.  I know things come up like illness and sick children and other unforeseeable things but I have allotted time in my schedule for your massage and with less than 24 hour notice, it is not likely that I can fill that time.  I will give 2 free cancellations within a calendar year but will notify you after your second time and will charge you a $30 cancellation fee if there is a third cancellation during that same year.  Cancellations due to bad weather are excluded from this policy

Late to an Appointment

Please be aware if you are late to an appointment, you may not get the full massage time you are paying for because I need to maintain my schedule for the day and prepare for the client coming in after you.  Please honor your time and mine.  No worries if you are within 5 minutes of your appointment time but if you are going to be more than 5 minutes late, please call or text me, (937) 409-6279, to let me know your status.

Medical, Therapeutic and Relaxation Massages Only

This business is for medical, therapeutic and relaxation massages only.  Any sexual suggestions or innuendo of any kind will terminate the massage and any further contact.

Clear Communication

The purpose of massage is to improve your well-being.  I will periodically ask how my pressure is when we first start working together, but if at any point during any massage there is something that is uncomfortable, it is imperative that you let me know so I do not cause any harm.  I can’t fix something that I’m not aware of so please let me know if there is anything, whether it’s my touch or something I say or anything else, that disturbs you so I can improve and make you more comfortable.

Bad Weather

In the case of bad weather, I will communicate with you if I need to cancel an appointment and ask that you do the same.  Please call or text me, (937) 409-6279, if you need to cancel.  Cancelling due to bad weather is an exception to the 24-hour notification policy.  I want everyone to be safe and people have varying degrees of comfort when it comes to traveling in bad weather conditions which I fully respect.  Safety is of the utmost importance to me. 


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